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Published on 07 December, 2010

Funding needed to distribute Bibles in rural China

China (MNN) — Providing God's Word to people in China is the focus of Bibles for China. With Christmas upon us, Bibles for China would like all new believers there to be able to read the story of Christ's birth, maybe for the first time — especially in rural China.

While China's Amity Printing Press prints millions of Bibles each year, not every Chinese believer has one. President of Bibles for China Jonathan Brooks says, "Amity's distribution system doesn't reach the rural areas and mostly goes to the larger population areas; its distributed through 55,000 registered churches."

That causes a major problem for new believers. "70 percent of China's new believers live in rural areas. So, the distribution doesn't reach them very well. By my calculations," Brooks says, "20,000 people a day are coming to Christ in China. That means 14,000 of them — every day — live in an area where Bibles aren't even available for purchase."

In many of these areas, most people make $10 a week. So even if they were available, Bibles would be cost prohibitive.

Brooks believes Bibles for China is called to provide them. "This year we have actually placed 27,000 Bibles into the hands of Chinese believers. We've been able to purchase these Bibles, transport them to the distribution site, and then personally verify that they are actually placed into the people's hands."

Bibles for China has a goal to distribute 50,000 in 2011. For just $5, you can provide a copy of the Scriptures. "We are returning to China early next year and the end of the Chinese New Year. We'll be passing out 10,000 Bibles."

You can help! Brooks says that's an eternal investment in a Chinese believer. "For every Bible we give out, our surveys have shown us that it becomes the main Bible for five different believers in China. They will lead three people to Jesus Christ. So every Bible we giveaway means we need three more."

If you'd like to sponsor a Bible, click here.

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