Funds raised to contribute to translation efforts in Panama and Peru

By November 17, 2009

USA (MNN) — As part of their annual fall missions campaign, Moody Broadcasting recently raised over half a million dollars for Wycliffe Bible Translators.

"It was a three-week campaign with Moody. We were able to actually surpass our goal of $513,000, and the Lord provided over $40,000 above what we had as a goal," said George Fisher, director of development at Wycliffe.

Concluding Nov. 12, Moody Radio partnered with Wycliffe to help with translation efforts specifically in Panama and Peru.

"The theme of this campaign was to unlock God's Word for the least, the last and the lost. There are over approximately 7,000 languages in the world today, and of those, about one third of them have absolutely no Scripture in their own language," Fisher said.

Specifically reaching out to the Quechua in Peru and the San Blas Kuna in Panama, these funds will go toward mother-tongue translations there. The fund will also provide Bibles to these groups when translation efforts are complete.

The relationship between Moody and Wycliffe is not a recent occurrence. In fact, it began in the 1930s with Wycliffe's founder, William Cameron Townsend. Both organizations realized the importance of being able to read the Scriptures in one's native tongue, or heart language.

Over 70 years later, they continue their partnership in a time when translation efforts around the world have seen great acceleration.

Across the globe, around 2,200 languages remain without their own translation of Scripture, Fisher said. That's why "it is our vision and goal to be able to start a Bible translation in each of those remaining language that need one by the year 2025."

There are over 200 million people who speak these languages, and Fisher said it is estimated that two million of these people die every year without ever hearing God's Word.

Consider supporting Wycliffe in their translation efforts to help them meet their goal by 2025. Click here to help out today.

Most importantly, pray for all of the individuals involved in translation. Pray for favor with the government in countries where efforts are illegal or frowned upon. Also, pray for nationals to rise up and help with recording the Scriptures in their own tongue.

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