Funeral set for slain U-S pastor

By February 24, 2004

Iraq (MNN)—As the death of Curtis Corner Baptist Church Pastor John Kelley receives local and national attention, his message of fearless conviction and unyielding faith is being heard by many, even as family and friends prepare to lay him to rest.

Kelley, 49, was killed by assassins Februrary 14th while on a Christian mission trip in Iraq with a group of pastors from across the Northeast. HIs body was flown back to the Unted States and the funeral is being held Tuesday, February 24th at the Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple.

In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Global Resource Group, or the Pastor Kelley Benevolent Fund.

The congregation member responsible for interviews says they are concerned about taking care of the pastor’s family. He leaves his wife and four children. Media inquiries since the news of Kelley’s death has been widspread. Through a family friend with a Christian radio connection, they were able to tell Kelley’s story live on some 237 Christian radio stations nationwide. They are also trying to get the news out that there are a number of other missionaries still in hostile territory around the world.

The three other pastors that were injured in Kelley’s group are still in the Middle East and plans for their homecoming are still unconfirmed.

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