Furry friends give children eternal hope

By August 31, 2015
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JP Sundararajan with some of the boys
who received Wildlife Storytellers.
(Photo courtesy ASM via Facebook)

India (MNN) — Most parents strive to raise up children who are compassionate and willing to serve others.

And what better way to do that than by having them bless someone for eternity?

One way children can make an eternal difference in the lives of others just like them is through Audio Scripture Ministries Wildlife Storytellers. These comforting, fluffy stuffed animals include dramatized audio Bible players to reach children with the Gospel. They’re an effective way to give hope to children around the world, including many who live on the streets or are enslaved in sex trafficking.

“Most of these kids have never, ever owned a stuffed animal of their own,” says ASM’s JP Sundararajan about children in India. “When you are a victim of trauma, or a kid who has been abandoned, the most amazing thing you can do is provide them a ‘stuffed reminder’ — something they can physically hold on to because they have just been yanked away from anything that has been near and dear to them.

“But how cool it is to not only give them a physical reminder–an animal that they can hug, but a reminder that they are not just an abandoned child, but they are children of God. There is a God who loves them and who cares for them.”

This is where you and your children come in. For $30, you can send a cuddly friend, along with a life-changing message, to desperate children around the world.

“It’s the little children who are leading the way–little children [in the U.S.] who are inspiring their parents and their churches,” Sundararajan says. “Last week, I Skyped in with a VBS group out on the East Coast, and they set a goal. They were going to raise $300 for Wildlife Storytellers for India.

(Photo courtesy Audio Scripture Minsitries/Storytellers)

(Photo courtesy Audio Scripture Minsitries/Storytellers)

“I got an e-mail from the pastor there who said, ‘We were hoping to raise $300, but the kids blew us out of the water. They raised $900; then our mission committee was inspired and doubled that.”

Thanks to that church’s generosity, many children will find comfort and and eternal hope they never before experienced. But not just them: “I told somebody, ‘It’s a win-win situation,’” Sundararajan says. “Kids here are excited about this project. Sunday school teachers and pastors and parents are encouraged to see their kids so passionate about something. And ultimately, kids on the other side of the world benefit from that.”

Sound like something you, your family, or your children’s Sunday school class would want to get involved in? Click here to learn more about the Wildlife Storytellers, and follow this link to see how you can purchase one yourself.

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