Future of international adoption in jeopardy

By January 7, 2014

(Photo Courtesy of Childreninfamiliesfirst.org)

USA (AAI/MNN) — The state of international adoption and the future of approximately 200 million orphans is in jeopardy.

Adoption Associates Inc. wants your help to affect change this year. According to Adoption Associates, the current U.S. foreign policy and program do not adequately support a value that most Americans share: that children belong in families. As a result of this, millions of children all over the world are currently living without the protection and love only a family can provide, and the number continues to grow every day.

These policies have led to a sharp decrease in the use of positive pathways to families for children, such as inter-country adoption, which has decreased by over 62% in less than five years.

The Child in Families First Act (CHIFF) was introduced September 19, 2013 in the Senate (S.1530), and October 23, 2013 in the House (H.R.3323). CHIFF aims to fix the functional problems within our government bureaucracy with a smarter, not bigger, approach that allows international adoptions to become a strong and important part of how we protect children. It also strengthens systems and procedures to protect against abuses of children living without families even as it facilitates getting more children into permanent, loving families.

You have a voice. You can affect change. Answer God’s call to help the orphan.
Contact your representatives today and urge them to support the passing of this bill.
Let’s not allow the policies of a few change the life script for millions.

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