GAiN gives hope to ‘poorest of the poor’

By April 7, 2010

Kenya (MNN) — Since the 2007 post-election violence, Kenya has slowly been trying to regain its footing. Though now stable, the country was back in the headlines several days ago as the International Criminal Council announced plans to investigate the ruling parties.

As individuals try to regain their footing, Global Aid Network (GAiN) is planning a trip to help the country's poorest of poor.

"We have opportunities for people to reach out in a slum in the Nairobi area, where poverty is really the controlling feature of that location. Yet, the Gospel is going forth through a church, through a school," said Charles Debter of GAiN.

The trip will take place May 28 through June 10, with the short-term team having a chance to help the long-term missionaries in the slum, as well as travel to the countryside where the long-term team has already planted 50 churches.

Debter said the trip will help further these efforts: "It's an opportunity to come alongside people who are reaching out among the poorest of the poor. It's a place where there is hopelessness, but in Christ, there is great hope."

Christ's message of hope will be their ultimate message, and this will hopefully lift the spirits of children and adults alike who have already been through so much pain in their lives.

Debter said registration for the trip has been extended, and 4-6 more team members are needed.

Interested in short-term missions? Visit GAiN's Web site and register today .

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