GAiN prepares shipment of much-needed medical supplies

By July 28, 2010

Zambia (MNN) — Bacteria, viruses, and flood waters have
crippled Zambia.

As torrential rains swept across the country earlier this
year, they left toxic floods in their wake, as the waters combined with sewage
spread bacteria and worms, and contaminated the water supply.

On top of this, All Africa reports measles has spread in
the last several months, despite beliefs that the disease was under control and
could no longer claim lives. However, 88 have already died from this outbreak with
over 4500 reported cases.

As if these two things were not enough, one in eight Zambians
is infected with HIV/AIDS.

With the country in such dire need of medical assistance,
Global Aid Network is preparing to send a shipment of medical supplies. Thanks
to generous donors, they already have the supplies.

Now, they just need your help to ship antibiotics,
medications and other vital supplies. For each $1 you give, GAiN USA can ship
$40 worth of supplies.

When the GAiN team distributes these supplies, they will
also bring with them the message of Christ and the hope He can give them,
regardless of how grim their future may look.

The team will also bring water filters and teach Zambians
about sanitation.

Click here to multiply your donation by $40.

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