GAiN rebuilds communities in Myanmar

By June 4, 2008

Myanmar (MNN) — Global Aid Network (GAiN) is taking a long-term, holistic approach
to rebuilding lives and communities devastated by cyclone Nargis. It has agreed to assume leadership of the
relief work in six Myanmar
villages that continue to face desperate conditions.

GAiN is already making plans to rebuild homes and schools in
each village over the next few months. At its Christian Center in Yangon,
GAiN is training 40 local people to build large-tank water filtration
systems. The systems are natural and
chemical-free, using simple materials like pebbles, sand, and gravel. Ten of these systems will be installed in the
next month, including one in each of the six villages. 

water filtration expert and trainer commented, “The locals were so excited and
so willing to work. It has been so good to work with them.”

A twelve-foot wave of saltwater struck the Irrawaddy Delta
region during the cyclone, damaging the rice fields and contaminating the water
supply. The bodies of the dead make the
problem even worse, as many of them lie buried in mud or rotting along dams and
riverbanks. 44,000 people are still

850 residents of the village of Ponkamar,
Dedaye district, died in the cyclone. In
addition, 1200 youth were attending a youth convention at the local
church when the cyclone struck. The entire group of young people, full of
incredible potential and excitement for the kingdom of God, were killed.

GAiN is training staff and local partners to provide basic
emotional relief and eventually more in-depth counseling support and emotional
relief. They have fed over 7,000 starving
people in two Myanmar
jails and distributed 18,000 women and children’s kits. They've also targeted aid to community
institutions like orphanages and hospitals. Click here if you would like to contribute to relief efforts in Myanmar. 

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