GAiN sends trauma counselors to Haitian pastors

By February 9, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Global Aid Network has sent counselors to Haiti, but not primarily to counsel victims. Instead, these professionals are training pastors to counsel people who have been through trauma.

Pastors are especially key in this process since many Haitians are asking big questions about God.

"There's a unique opportunity–a narrow window of time–for us as believers to come alongside the believers and the churches in Haiti to help meet not only the physical needs, but also the spiritual needs because people are asking the ‘why' questions," says GAiN USA president Duane Zook.

Besides trauma counseling, GAiN USA is also providing food, water and medicine, thanks to its various sponsors. GAiN USA now plans to stay in Haiti long-term.

In the meantime, prayer is needed for the counselors there. Continue to pray for Haitian pastors, workers, believers and the spiritual state of Haiti in general.

"Pray that God would be lifted up in the midst of a crisis and that out of that rubble, hope would arise and people would look to God and would trust Him," asks Zook.

To support the efforts of GAiN USA in Haiti financially, click here.

To view a video on GAiN USA's work in Haiti, click here.


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