Gangs hold Haiti hostage

By November 3, 2021

Haiti (MNN) — Two weeks after being kidnapped by a Haitian gang, 17 Americans associated with a Christian ministry remain in captivity. Their friends and family are praying not only for their release but also that the kidnappers would encounter Jesus.

Brian Dennett with AMG International says, “Our hearts just go out to these missionaries. Having served in the field myself, I know how horrifying this is. And we are praying for them and for their safe return.”


Gangs continue to hold Haiti hostage, blocking off access to fuel terminals. The gangs want the prime minister to resign, but the fuel shortages are crippling Haitian daily life. Dennett says, “For example, we heard that cell towers throughout the country are slowly shutting down. They’re run by generators.” This makes communication with the outside world more difficult. AMG’s correspondence with its Haitian team has been sporadic.

Dennett says the gangs have always been present, “and really worked through and alongside the government. Now with the collapse of the government (and the president now gone), they’ve been acting in a more independent way, and really preying on the industries there and preying on the middle class and upper class of Haiti and their businesses.”

Gangs have begun threatening businesses with looting unless they pay large sums of money.

How to help

AMG continues to serve in Haiti, providing humanitarian aid and the Gospel. You can support them at

Pray that the gangs would encounter Jesus’ love and be changed. Pray also for the many Christian ministries working in Haiti. Dennett says, “There is so much need there. And wonderful organizations, like those that were just affected by the kidnapping, are there trying to do good. And alongside that, of course, sharing the Gospel.”



Header photo courtesy of gamble34 from Pixabay.

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