Gaza war impacts Jordanian Christians

By June 26, 2024

Jordan (MNN) — A convoy of 70 trucks containing humanitarian aid entered northern Gaza earlier this week from Jordan.

The Hashemite Kingdom has sent more than 2,100 aid trucks to date, and Jordan’s King Abdullah advocates frequently on the global stage for Gaza’s Palestinian people.

In Jordan, “People carry this ongoing heaviness of the war because many still have ties back into Palestine; 70 percent of them, as a matter of fact,” says Samuel* with Redemptive Stories.

“Everything that happens in Gaza, and even the West Bank, has direct emotional, spiritual, and familial effects.”

Daily headlines keep the Gaza war front and center for most Jordanians, heightening unrest and anxiety. “It’s not just a matter of economics or the unsettledness, but even like simple things where we haven’t been able to celebrate anything since October 7,” Samuel says.

“Often at weddings or even graduation ceremonies, we love to shoot off fireworks, but we have not had any fireworks or celebration except for the Jordanian Independence Day. It’s a loss to the community in the sense of an ability to celebrate the moments of life.”

The war is also affecting Gospel work. “There’s been even more closure to the Gospel because of what’s taking place in Gaza,” Samuel notes.

“Evangelical Christianity is often associated with the United States, and political decisions made by the United States affect people’s realities.”

Ask the Lord to empower and strengthen Gospel workers in Jordan. “Encouragement is number one. Number two would be continued boldness,” Samuel says. “Pray for wisdom and boldness in sharing and speaking truth into the situation.”





Header image depicts a worker loading humanitarian aid onto a truck in Jordan. (Wikimedia Commons)

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