GEM hosts prayer day for Europe

By October 7, 2008

Europe (MNN) — The Greater Europe Mission (GEM) is hosting a day of prayer for Europe this coming October 23. The day will include a virtual tally of intercessors, and a goal of 10,000 participants is anticipated.

GEM's heart for Europe stems mostly from the great need for Christ there. "821 million people [are] in Europe," says GEM president, Henry Deneen. "If you add in the countries of North Africa and Turkey, you're pushing up toward a billion people. Most say that one to two percent of that number are followers of Jesus. So the need in Europe is overwhelming."

More and more Muslims are moving into European countries as well, now forming ten percent of the population in one German city, and 40 percent of Stockholm, Sweden. GEM is looking to send teams specifically geared toward Muslims in the future but plans to establish a bigger foundation first.

"There are spiritual strongholds [in Europe], and it's going to take the power of prayer to address those," says Deneen.

October 23 will certainly be an exciting day. When the time comes, participants are asked to visit GEM's Web site and follow the links to pray. They will then be given the choice of different countries to pray for and click on. This pledge to pray will then be added to a running tally throughout the day, which will hopefully by midnight will show at least 10,000 prayers participating.

In order to recruit for the October 23 prayer, Deneen suggests we be creative. Prayer chains and Facebook groups have already been established, and there are certainly more venues to come.

GEM has one overall goal for the day. "Our hope is that thousands upon thousands of people have interceded for Europe that day. And this is not for any one organization's credit; this is not to any person's credit; this is to see God's kingdom advance."

To join in the prayer, go to on October 23, 2008.

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