Getting Scripture to South Sudanese Soldiers

By March 18, 2020

South Sudan (MNN) – Who better to deliver Scripture to the soldiers of South Sudan than service members with a heart for the Gospel?

Jason Woolford, Executive Director of Mission Cry is dedicated to getting used Christian books and scripture to believers around the world. Read more here. A former enlisted Marine, Woolford was pushing to get a shipping container of materials to war-weary South Sudan. Unexpectedly, fellow service members became the answer to funding and distribution.

The Other Marine

It started with a radio interview.

“Somebody had heard and they said, ‘hey, you remind me of this other marine, who’s a minister.

south sudan

Wes Bentley (Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

You guys are like people who love Jesus but could rip somebody’s face off.’”

Woolford decided to take that as a compliment. Shortly after, he was able to connect with the fellow believer and military man.

The Marine built a compound in South Sudan where he trained 400 chaplains each year for the South Sudanese army. Those chaplains needed Scripture they could take with them into conflict.

Stealth Bibles

A typical Bible can create danger for a soldier in the field. A hard or waxy cover causes reflection and could give away the reader to enemy combatants. A special Mission Cry Bible was created to eliminate this concern. The NASV editions include a plan of salvation and discipleship program with a few new additions.

“With this particular shipment to Sudan, we created a military cover. It’s hard to tear, it’s waterproof, and it doesn’t shine,” Woolford says.

10,000 of these Bibles were printed and sent to California to join the container going to South Sudan. Once they arrive, they will go to all program graduates and out to the field to support those already ministering to the war torn populace.

These Bibles can be sponsored for printing and delivery for $2.

“You’re giving them the sword, which is the word of God. In other words, you’re arming somebody to properly fight against the devil to properly make a difference.”

The Colonel

Once a shipment is assembled, Mission Cry needs the funds to send it, a total cost of $11,000. A retired colonel heard the call and funded one of these shipments after hearing the need on the radio.

“He said, ‘I hope that a portion of my retirement in serving this country will also serve people

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

around the world.’ And he sponsored an entire container,” Woolford says.

Both significant donations and small ones fund shipments like the one for South Sudan on the ground. Currently, four sea containers are waiting on funding.

“We’re fascinated sometimes when my staff comes in and they’ll say, ‘look, someone sent a quarter somebody sent $1 bill.’ That means just as much to me as those who sponsor a full container,” Woolford says.

How can I help?

Consider donating to fund on of Mission Cry’s Scripture shipments. Pray the believers who receive the word will grow and be encouraged by it.

Lastly, are there unused Bibles or Christian books gathering dust on your shelves? Sent them to be shipped to believers in need. Donate your used books here.



Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry.

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