GFA Missionary hostages released in India.

By September 14, 2004

India (MNN)–There’s been a miraculous turn of events in Northern Bihar.

An anti-Christian group in one area village last week kidnapped three Gospel For Asia workers and threatened to kill them within 48 hours.

The radicals were part of the same religious sect that claimed responsibility for murdering missionary Graham Staines and his sons in 1999.

They were reportedly angered over the success of evangelical work in the area, as well as a series of baptisms. As a result, they kidnapped GFA native missionary Pastor Manrathan and his wife, and GFA Bible woman Sarita.

The trio was tied to a tree and brutally beaten. A demand for ransom was also issued as reparation for what the local felt was ‘desecration’ to their village. Meanwhile, one mission worker escaped curfew and spread the word at a nearby GFA station.

GFA’s KP Yohannan says 17 of their church leaders gathered together and opened negotiations with village leaders for the trio’s lives. “There were significant hours of talking back and forth, explaining. I am convinced it was not just the 17 of our pastors going to talk to these men, but I believe God supernaturally changed the hearts of these men. The amazing thing was all of a sudden they said, ‘Okay, we will let them go’‚Ķjust like that!”

Yohannan says the three are determined to stay the course. “They are a little cautious as to the extent of all visible activity. They are now deeply concerned about teaching the new believers and making sure they grow up in faith. There’s no indication that they have to leave the community at this time.”

Continue to pray for those who face opposition, persecution, imprisonment and even death for the sake of Jesus. 14,000 GFA pastors and missionaries, who share God’s love in some of the most difficult regions of Asia, need wisdom, endurance and boldness. Ask the Lord to especially strengthen the new believers in their churches.

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