GFA president questions cause of terrorist attacks

By December 2, 2008

India (MNN) — Gospel forAsia reports that its president, K.P. Yohannan, has doubts on who was behind the recent attacks on India's financial capital. Coordinated gun and grenade attacks in Mumbai killed more than 150 people dead and left hundreds more wounded, and radicals have taken hostages. News reports blame Islamic terrorists, but Dr. Yohannan questions this accusation.

"Anyone can take a Muslim name for their group," Dr. Yohannan noted. "But I have real reservations about placing blame on the Muslims."

Speaking about 40  minutes from Mumbai, Yohannan points out that throughout the year, there have been eight major attacks within India. All were initially attributed to Islamic terrorists.

"But upon further investigation, they all turned out to have been perpetrated by radical Hindu extremist groups led by radical priests," Yohannan pointed out. "So until there is a complete investigation of these horrible attacks, I am not ready to blame the Muslims. I am deeply saddened over these inhumane, brutal acts of killing innocent people. My beautiful land is beautiful no more."

Gunmen opened fire in at least seven sites; two luxury hotels, the main train station, a restaurant frequented by foreigners, and a hospital where wounded would be treated were among those locations. Terrorists held hostages, including Westerners, in the Oberi and Taj Palace hotels after the attacks, which were quickly surrounded by troops. Mumbai's 105-year-old Taj Palace Hotel was in flames.

A leading anti-terrorism official who helped uncover Hindu connections to the previous attacks was among the massacred, adding credibility to the doubts. Attacks across Mumbai seemed to be aimed at foreigners; multiple witnesses reported that terrorists were seeking out people with British or American passports. Please pray for any Americans visiting or inhabiting the nation of India.

"This is definitely  going to scare foreign investment," said Dr. Yohannan. "And that is ultimately going to hurt the Dalits and others at the bottom of India's caste system. Usually a nation has to remain in poverty for these extremists to keep their hold, and this could be a plot, because without foreign investment, the Dalits will remain in poverty."

Yohannan adds that seeking out foreigners to attack was contrary to Indian culture.

"This is totally against the nature of Indians," he said. "India has always treated foreigners with such respect and value. The question is, will this spread over the country?"

Please pray for India.

"We know that only the Gospel of Christ can change human hearts, regardless of caste, race or religion. That is why we must pray for India at this time."

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