Ghana receives God’s Word

By September 7, 2015
(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

Ghana (MNN) — The country of Ghana is home to nearly 26 million people, around 71% of which are Christians. But many are missing one important thing.

“So many pastors, they get saved, they get a call in their life, and they might go to Bible college, and some of them might not, but then they might not have the resources or the money to be able to have a Bible for themselves,” says Christian Resources International Executive Director Jason Woolford. “122,000 people [worldwide] are getting saved every day, and the alarming fact is a majority of those people are attending a church where the pastor doesn’t even own a Bible.”

That’s why CRI recently shipped a sea container full of half a million dollars’ worth of Bibles and Christian books to be distributed among the people of Takoradi, Ghana. The goal is to reach the unsaved but also encourage continued spiritual growth.

“When they receive these materials, there is God’s Word and his testimony and Christian books that are there for people who are not yet saved, to the person who has just given their life to the Lord, to maybe the lay leader or the pastor who wants to go further in his studies,” Woolford says. “From the one who’s not saved, to the one who wants to go to seminary: those materials are in there.”

So why Ghana? CRI sends shipments to multiple countries every year when the resources are requested, but it also makes sure to maximize its influence.

“There [are] a lot of needs around the world, but when we look at those countries and places that are requesting the Word of God, the ‘strategicness’ of where they are…they’re going to be able to take these and get the Word of God into prisons, into orphanage,” Woolford says.

This is where YOU come in. All of the resources shipped out are the gifts of generous donors. CRI asks that you donate your extra, gently-used Bibles and Christian books.

Also, “We need people to come alongside of us and say, ‘Listen, we want to support monthly, financially. We want to help sponsor a sea container as a church,’ or, ‘We want to help this distribution center going forward,’” Woolford says. You “can do that monetarily, because at the end of the day, it takes money to move the Gospel.”


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