Ghana’s flood victims have new lease on hope

By February 8, 2008

Ghana (MNN) —  Damage assessments show that last fall's flooding in northern Ghana affected more people than in all other West African countries combined. 

Yet, the disaster provided a fertile ground this year for a harvest…but it's not what you might think.

Living Water International's John Nadolski says their partner in Ghana is a church leader who began the coordination of relief supplies. David Donkor called Living Water to get help with well repairs, but he didn't stop there. He called other aid agencies, raised funds for clothes and grain, and then took his plea onto the airwaves. His passion began to generate a response with an outpouring of aid.

That was the first step. Nadolski says the ministry cycle was already in motion. "We met with the local pastors, and they distributed the food and supplies. We met with the local Salvation Army, and they showed the JESUS Film the night that we distributed the food and supplies. The entire village showed up." 

Because this village was fairly isolated, they didn't have a church. Small, rural villages are also frequently the last to get aid in crisis. The teams and the aid trucks were having a huge impact.

When the physical needs were met, the people could hear the Gospel more clearly. After the showing of the JESUS Film, over 85 people responded.   

Nadolski says, "Each of the adults were given a Bible, and the Salvation Army was going to stay and do discipleship training. So, because of the relief program that was started, and because of our partnership that we have with David Donkor, Living Water International was able to see a church started."

LWI exists to demonstrate the love of God by providing desperately-needed clean water and medical attention, along with the "living water" of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For details on how you can help, click here.

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