Ghana’s public schools embrace Bible-based teaching.

By August 31, 2006

Ghana (MNN)–It is an accepted fact that what children and the youth learn is later woven into the fabric of society.

Every Child Ministries’ Lorella Rouster has taken that to heart and developed a special ‘character-building’ program for use in the public schools. “It’s a program that has Bible stories, memory verses that are revolving around a positive character trait.”

The “Character Development from the Bible” program reaches a broad cross-spectrum of the community and African children of many religious backgounds (taught by invitation of the Ghana Education Service). Rouster says, “This summer, we taught ‘truth’ for one, and ‘compassion’. It’s just a way to expose people to the fact that Christ can give them hope and can change their lives.”

The teachers were impressed, and quickly realized that these lessons have power to change students’ behavior and lives in a very positive manner that will greatly impact the nation for good.

It’s also an opportunity for American and Ghanaian teachers to work together. In spite of the fact they teach the program in the summers, Rouster says school administrators encourage their students to check it out.
And ‘check it out’, they do. “This year, we had a record number of students participating. We were teaching in Accra, the capital city, and there were 3,000 students that participated. Normally, it’s about 2,000.”

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