Ghastly scene uncovered in Mexico

By September 30, 2011

Mexico (MNN) — Violence and corruption continue to plague Mexico. Five severed heads were discovered outside a school near Acapulco yesterday. This "message" left by a powerful drug cartel comes at a time when teachers went on strike rather than give up half of their salaries to local drug gangs who have threatened to harm them. Coupled with that, vigilante attacks against drug cartels are making Mexico a dangerous place.

Executive Director of Spanish World Ministries Daniel Sandoval says, "The drug cartels are everywhere. The figures released by the government last January show 34,000 people have been killed since December 2006. The drug cartels are leaving messages to scare the population."

According to Sandoval, "What is taking place in Mexico is following the same pattern that took place in Colombia. And behind all this is the problem with corruption."

Because of that corruption, Sandoval says, people don't know the truth.

That's why Spanish World Ministries exists. "We have 23 [radio] stations transmitting [Christian] programming in this country," says Sandoval. "And our missionaries are doing their best to try to have more stations transmitting the programs."

The goal is see people come to faith in Christ–the only true way to end the violence. Sandoval says it's happening. Pedro is just one example of someone hearing the Gospel. "The story in Pedro's life began in jail, hearing a radio program that explains exactly how somebody can establish a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ."

That's happening all over Latin America on more than 1,500 stations. Spanish World Ministries needs more radio supporters. It's amazing how many people you can touch with the Gospel for so little. "For $25, you can help us reach 18 people with the Gospel," says Sandoval.

In the meantime, pray for God's protection over Spanish World Ministries workers. Pray also that God will begin working in the hearts of cartel and gang members committing the violence in Mexico.

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