Gift catalog makes a difference for eternity

By December 19, 2007

International (MNN) — For the first time, Far East Broadcasting Company has compiled a Christmas catalog. 

The catalog includes gifts that families can buy for loved ones, or that churches or Bible study groups, for example, can buy. "Our little tag-line is 'Gifts that make a difference for eternity,'" said Esther Dixon of FEBC.

Gifts such as radios for those in restricted areas, new homes for needy families, and sponsorships that fund radio air time really do make a difference for eternity, said Dixon.  Every gift goes to a country where FEBC broadcasting is available, which means those who buy the gift can be sure that "the family will also receive a radio along with instructions of how to listen to our broadcasts, and there's follow-up going on. There's a chance to listen to our Gospel broadcast, and so we know ultimately that's our goal–to share the
love of Christ with them and therefore make an eternal difference in their lives as well."

In one case, a family who lost everything in the typhoon in Vietnam was able to have their
home rebuilt because of the FEBC gift catalog. Dixon said, "I recently just talked to a donor from here in the U.S. who gave that as a Christmas gift to her family. Literally, she knows that the Christmas gift that she gave provided a permanent shelter for a
family in Vietnam who otherwise would have had to sleep out in the open."

FEBC sends acknowledgment cards to anyone who has a gift given in their honor.    

There are nine projects to choose from, depending on the size of the gift that groups or
individuals are able to make. "People have already used them as Christmas gifts for friends and family and have really loved the opportunity to have a personalized option of picking a gift from our ministry," said Dixon.

If you would like to browse the catalog online, go here. 

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