Gifts cards for clean water

By November 30, 2016

United States (MNN) — Sara Banks used to work for a luxury retailer. She was especially aware of the busyness and gift-buying hubbub that came along with the Christmas shopping season every year.

(Photo courtesy of Living Water International).

(Photo courtesy of Living Water International)

She says, “While all of that is fun, it wasn’t until I went on a short-term trip with Living Water and I saw the water crisis first-hand that I just felt like I needed to make a difference.”

Banks now works for Living Water International — a ministry that cares not only about physical needs, but spiritual needs as well.

“We want to bring safe water to people around the world and really try to make an impact on the water crisis. But, ultimately, our goal is to share the hope of Christ. And we feel like the best way to do that is by bringing safe water.”

Banks elaborates, “When people meet physical needs, they are mirroring the grace and love of Christ. It opens up opportunities to talk about Him.”

Over the last few years working with Living Water, Banks has heard countless stories of how clean water makes a difference in people’s lives. Women and children who previously had to walk miles and miles each day just to get water — clean or not — can now spend time doing things they couldn’t before. Girls can go to school, for instance.

“There are always these juxtapositions of people without safe water and the tragedy that can bring, but also just the hope that’s given when safe water and the Gospel are provided, and just to see how these communities can thrive with those two things given.”

You can give clean water, too!

Banks invites you to join them in their work to bring clean water in Jesus’ name to people all around the world. For Christmas this year, there are a couple of fun ways to get involved.

Through today (Wednesday, November 30), when you give the gift of clean water, a nativity coloring page will be sent to a child in Guatemala or Honduras. It’s a simple way to let a child know they’re being thought of, while sharing the Christmas story with them.

But hurry! That’s only through today.

This next Christmas idea you can do at any time. Living Water offers gift cards from $10 to $500. It’s a unique gift to give, especially for that family member who tells you they have everything they need.

(Image courtesy of Living Water International).

(Image courtesy of Living Water International)

Here’s how it works. “When you’re buying a gift card, you’re donating that money. But then you’re also giving the gift to the recipient for them to go and then redeem that gift card for any country they choose.”

You can purchase a gift card here.

Whether or not you support these projects financially, will you pray? Ask God to use the clean water to open the eyes of those who receive it to recognize their Heavenly Father. Pray that the coloring pages would truly bring hope and the knowledge of Jesus to many.

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