Gilaki audio dramatizations fuel church planting efforts in Iran

By January 25, 2024

Iran (MNN) — Only four of Iran’s 39 languages have the Word of God.

Transform Iran is working tirelessly to change this by translating the Bible into Iran’s ethnic languages. More about that here.

(Photo courtesy of Transform Iran)

Transform Iran and Strategic Resource Group recently completed audio dramatizations of all four Gospels in Gilaki. The rest of the New Testament is due for completion by Spring 2024.

“We overlay sound effects; we have original music in Gilaki style on Gilaki instruments to support the audio dramatization,” Transform Iran’s Lana Silk says.

“When that’s broadcast using the radio station and other forms of communication, the people of Gilan will be immediately captivated.”

Initial feedback is encouraging:

“I am a Gilaki from Rasht, and I am thrilled to hear God’s word so powerfully expressed in my own language. What creativity! What music! What a message! God bless you all for making this a reality!” (Monir, Gilaki believer)

“This is a first in our language. Since I came to know Christ at the age of 17 (now 45 years old), I have not read or heard anything so extraordinary as to grip my heart like this. I commend you for doing it but also for the talent and artfulness with which you have completed it.” (Habib, Gilaki believer)

The audio productions will fuel evangelism and discipleship efforts among the Gilaki. “There are three million Gilakis in Gilan with no established churches in that region and no church growth,” Silk says.

“We’re very excited to come in with the New Testament and help establish churches in this region and in this language.”

Scripture dramatizations make the Bible “come alive.” More ethnic minorities will benefit from this approach in the years to come.

“A lot of people in the ethnic communities in Iran don’t have strong literacy in their own language because the government has been so prohibitive in how it’s allowed these languages to be taught at schools,” Silk explains.

“They will not necessarily be confident reading and writing [in these languages]. So, when you come in with the Gospel, it’s really important to bring it to them in an audio format so they can fully connect to it.”

Connect with Transform Iran here to learn how you can help.

“Iran is an exciting place to be in ministry,” Silk says.

“There is a huge amount of openness and hunger, the kind of openness and hunger that we pray for in our own communities.”



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