Give a child the opportunity to learn about the greatest story ever told.

By June 6, 2005

Central Asia (MNN) — Children in Central Asia know what hardship is. The influence of radical Islam is growing daily. The standard of living is similar to that of third world countries. Governments have limited or forbidden churches from sharing the Gospel with kids and their parents. And Orphanages are filled with abandoned and abused children. Kids need a place where they can just be kids.

Bible Mission International’s summer camps provide that place of rest and refreshment. It’s not only somewhere to have fun, but it’s also where they learn about Jesus Christ.

It costs just 25-dollars to make one child’s summer potentially life-changing. For parents in Central Asia that amount of money is beyond their reach. That’s why Bible Mission and the evangelical churches of Central Asia want to partner with you to help send kids to camp where God’s Word has a chance to transform their lives. Camps start soon, so Bible Mission asks for your help today!

You can help through prayer. Pray that thousands of kids will find Christ and be changed by Him, and potentially impact their own nations for Christ.

You can also help by sponsoring a child to go to camp. Contact Bible Mission International by following the highlighted link above.

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