Give a cow in your mother’s name?

By November 30, 2009

International (MNN) — Where do you go to buy
Christmas gifts for those you love? Giving a cow, chicken, or other sustainable
food source in the name of a teacher, sister, mom or dad can be a unique way to
show your love this Christmas.

"The goal of the catalog really is to help you
align your values with your gift-giving," says Matt Panos with Food for
the Hungry.
"There may be things that they need or want, but maybe that's
just not the way you want to express your love for them at Christmastime. This
is a wonderful way to do it."

Through Food for the Hungry, you show someone around
the world the love of Christ by providing a much-needed gift. Panos explains
that these gifts can take the form of a sustainable food source, education, or
health and hygiene. Click here to browse the various catalog options.

Panos acknowledged that some people on our list are hard
to buy gifts for. He explained that making a practical and needed contribution
on their behalf can make for a meaningful and unexpected Christmas gift.  Each gift comes with its own gift card for
the person you choose to honor.

"I don't know
that Jesus would've been excited about giving a lot to those who
already have an abundance," Panos adds, "but I know that He would be excited and would
feel our love by sharing it with the poor around the world."

You can have a gift
catalog mailed to you, or click here to order in someone's name. Pray that
those receiving the gifts would experience the fulfilling love of Jesus Christ.


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