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By November 9, 2015

jfpUSA (MNN) – With Christmas around the corner, there’s no better way to celebrate than to share the Gospel. And The JESUS Film Project can help!

Vance Noordman with The JESUS Film Project explains, “We’ve developed…[JESUS] DVDs for outreach to immigrants. On these DVDs, people can hear Jesus speak in up to 24 languages on the same DVD. They just select their language in the opening menu.”

For a lot of immigrants, these DVDs may be their first opportunity they’ve had to hear the Gospel. “There are tens of thousands of the some of the most unreached people in the world who have come to the U.S. from some of the most difficult-to-reach countries as well–places like Burma, Somalia, Nepal, Iran, and Yemen–and they can be reached in the U.S.,” says Noordman.

“My wife gave a DVD to a woman who was a clerk at Macy’s. A year later, she called us up and invited us to her baptism! We went to this local Persian church where all the people were from Iran, and she was baptized. She shared about how [the film] had a big impact on her decision to follow Christ.”

What better gift to give this season than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. jfp-greekeaster“Many non-Christian immigrants are curious about Christmas. They don’t know much about it, and you can offer them a DVD and just say, ‘This is the story of Christmas in your language,’” says Noordman.

If you’re worried about costs, The JESUS Film Project only charges what it needs to cover production. That’s why this holiday season, JESUS DVDs are being sold for a special price: 100 DVDs for $100. That means for just $1.00, you can give someone the gift of eternal hope.

And isn’t a soul worth so much more than $1.00? Take a chance, buy some DVDs, say hello to someone new, and share the Gospel.

To purchase JESUS DVDs, click here!

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