Give families a Christmas blessing while getting back to the call of Christ

By November 15, 2007

International (MNN) — This Christmas, give a gift that changes the world, or at least one family's world. Food for the Hungry's Holiday Gift Catalog has lots of gifts to give to families who find themselves in real need.

The catalog includes anything from "rabbits to dairy goats, all the way up to school supplies, to combo packs for Arab cultures or family survival." The gifts can even be
purchased and sent with a personal card.

"This gives an opportunity to give something everybody wants and that's to serve the poor to help the poor around the world," said Matt Panos.

During Christmas, it is especially important to heed Christ's call to be givers instead of receivers. It is increasingly difficult to fight the materialism surrounding Christmas, but Food for the Hungry is making that possible. Giving such a life-saving gift would be
incredibly difficult without the help of a third-party such as Food for the Hungry.

The items in this catalog are different than any other gifts you can give because they bring together giving and a Christ-like love. This project is an opportunity to reverse the
trend of consumerism.

"Jesus told us to love others as we love ourselves, and I don't think that was meant in terms of trying to find gifts for them at Christmas time but rather how can we serve others in His name.  Those ‘others' are likely to be the poor, those in poverty around the world," said Panos.

Begin browsing the catalog here.

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