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By June 23, 2016

USA (MNN) – Everyday, there’s something us humans buy. Whether it be a need or a gift, a purchase is made.

(Photo Courtesy Family Christian via Facebook)

(Photo Courtesy Family Christian via Facebook)

But what if by buying things, purchases could make an impact for Christ?

At Family Christian, this is a reality with the company’s ‘Give Hope’ wall.

Steve Biondo with Family Christian says, “Give Hope is a section of our stores that’s a wall that has unique product on it. All the proceeds from that particular product go to very specific ministry causes around the world.”

Give Hope

Family Christian is partnered with three particular organizations in three specific ways to help bring about change: Back2Back Ministries, Pray America/Manos de Jesus, and World Vision.

These organizations all have unique ways they’re serving God either by directly working with orphans and widows, supporting clean water in devastated areas, or providing education for kids who otherwise might never have the chance to attend school, and so much more.

Still, the three main ways these ministries are working is through education, water, and food. And, Family Christian is inviting others to be a part of the work by buying products from the Give Hope wall.

So what’s on the Give Hope wall? Lots of things! The Give Hope wall features many useful gifts such as water bottles, journals, book covers, hats, t-shirts, and more. Each of the proceeds from the product goes specifically to one of the ministries.

How Give Hope Works

For example, if someone buys a water bottle, the proceeds would go to World Vision to help provide clean water. And though purchasing a water bottle might not feel like a huge accomplishment, these organizations, through the help of God, are able to do amazing things and stretch the dollars given to them.

(Photo courtesy Family Christian via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Family Christian via Facebook)

“You know these ministry partners are phenomenal strategists. They love Jesus Christ, they’re in the communities every day, and they know how to make efficient long-term sustainable change for pennies on the dollar in these third world countries,” Biondo explains.

One way these products are making a tangible impact is in Guatemala, where a drought has been drying out the country for the past three years. And now famine is beginning taking place in certain areas.

Yet, Pray America is working in Guatemala and is able to use the funds provided by Family Christian through Give Hope products to provide famine relief in the country.

“The famine relief is an activity that gives 52 pounds of food to a widow. And that will feed her family of four or five for a month, the way the extend it,” Biondo says. In fact, all three organizations are able to do a lot with only a little.

”Back2Back, they raise up orphans in family type settings. And the product sold for that will raise $2 for every product sold, and that goes for the education of orphans who are in their home environment.”

And, each product sold supporting World Vision yields $1.50, which provides clean water for a single person for five months. Compared to the costs of water bills in the United States, which can range upwards from $50 or more for three months, it’s simple to buy a water bottle and give someone clean water for five months.

How To Help

(Photo courtesy Family Christian via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Family Christian via Facebook)

But if the time for purchasing things directly from the Give Hope wall hasn’t come, there is always the opportunity to round up to the nearest dollar on all other purchases made at Family Christian to support these ministries too.

Pray for the continued support of these ministries, and for the people being served to experience the love of Christ and have open hearts to the life changing good news of the Gospel.

To find out more about Give Hope or look at the products, click here!

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