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By December 29, 2015

International (MNN) — Going into a new year, people often look back at the year gone by and realize how far they’ve come, how much they’ve done, and what they’ve seen God do. That’s true of Christian Resources International as they reflect on how many millions of lives have been changed through God’s Word this year and in past years with the help of people like you.

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International via Facebook)

“For the last six years, we’ve encouraged people from around the United States to share their Bibles and extra Christian books that they have sitting on their shelf,” says CRI’s Jason Woolford.

“In total, we’ve now sent $278,000,000 worth of free Bibles and Christian books to over 170 nations around the world.”

Every year, CRI has a goal of raising $6,000,0000 worth of free Bibles and Christian books and reaching 15 additional nations than the year before. This year’s ongoing goal was a success, and CRI is praying next year’s will be fulfilled, too.

Woolford says CRI is excited about their goal because it’s not just numbers and books: it’s lives being changed through the Word of God.

“We’re so excited because within these containers that we send around the world, there’s material in there for the person that is yet to be saved, the person who has given their life to the Lord, the lay leader or the pastor–the pastor who wants to lead people. All of those folks are in there.”

As a result of all of the tools sent in to change lives for the better, “We’ve gotten back just unbelievable amounts of letters and video testimonies” from Mozambique, Ghana, India, Aruba, Kenya, and several other nations, each of which have projects and distribution centers.

A distribution center that stuck out to Woolford this year was one in Kenya. The distribution leader is an indigenous missionary who trains 100 pastors every month and equips them with CRI Bibles, Christian library books, and seminary supplies, giving them the materials they need to do their work for Christ.

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International via Facebook)

“You can tell from reading the most recent news that there’s a real need and desire for the Word of God there, from those that are Christians that are being persecuted. They now have the ability to read about the very God that they’re being persecuted for.”

Woolford explains it can also touch lives outside of the Christian global church.

“Also, for the person that might be a Muslim practicing Islam to be able to read and learn about the one and true and only God.”

This year, dust off your bookshelves and send in you extra, gently-used Bibles and Christian literature. It may not be making a difference in your household, but it will in others. Be praying for distributions to prosper, that they will enlighten people and give them answers about Jesus.

Finally, “It takes money to fuel the Gospel. We need to get the materials to come into this ministry and get them overseas to people who are desiring it. Right now, we could send three additional containers if [shipping costs] were funded.” Help CRI send these containers!

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