Giving Tuesday: Donate to share Jesus with unreached kids in India!

By November 28, 2023

India (MNN) — Do you have a plan for Giving Tuesday today? It’s a nice bookend to Thanksgiving weekend in the United States. After thanking the Lord for His provisions this year, you can express gratitude by showing generosity and donating to other ministries or organizations.

This Giving Tuesday, what better mission to support than one sharing the Gospel with unreached kids?

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Mission India is raising support for their 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs in India, and there’s a unique opportunity to stretch your dollar even farther for the Great Commission in this key country.

Regan Miller with Mission India says, “We actually have friends of Mission India that have offered to match gifts toward 10-Day Bible Clubs, up to $550,000.

“One dollar normally reaches one child with the Gospel through this program, which is already incredible. But with the match, $1 is doubled to reach two children!”

India has the most unreached people groups in the world. So it’s no surprise “many of these kids that we’re reaching through this program have never heard of [Jesus] before,” says Miller. “So they’re hearing about Jesus for the first time and it is so cool to see how that changes their lives and changes their families.”

Where else can you do that much with just $1?

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Miller says, “If you want to impact 200 kids, you give $100! If you do the math, it’s just crazy to see how far your gifts can go.”

Give to Mission India’s matching challenge here!

Your gift means Indian children like Afreen get to hear about Jesus Christ’s love in a 10-Day Bible Club — maybe for the first time in their lives.

Miller says, “She got to go through a gift of $1 from somebody, just like the dollar that you can give now during our matching challenge. She loved it…and at the end of the 10-Day Bible Club, she responded to the Gospel and received salvation!

“She still lives in this community where it’s not accepted to be a Christian in many homes, so she actually has not yet told her parents that she believes in Jesus. Even though her parents don’t know, and even though she thinks they might not agree with her decision to follow Him, she is choosing Jesus and that’s really exciting.

“We are just praying with Afreen that she can witness to her parents and that she can boldly proclaim her faith and that her parents will come to know Him too.”

Please pray also for Mission India’s leaders to have wisdom and guidance as they launch Bible Clubs across India.




Header photo courtesy of Mission India.

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