Giving Tuesday: share the holiday cheer

By November 25, 2016

USA (MNN) – Now that you’ve been stuffed with turkey and shopped for a new pair of pants, Operation Mobilization is inviting you to join in on the holiday festivities of Giving Tuesday.


(Photo Courtesy Penn State via Flickr)

(Photo Courtesy Penn State via Flickr)

If you haven’t heard of Giving Tuesday, you’re not alone. Giving Tuesday is an international movement, on social media as #GivingTuesday, where people have a chance to give back. You can give a gift to those in their communities or even across the globe.

Don’t know what to do or how to get involved? Well, that’s easy. It’s as simple as giving to a needy family or donating to your favorite organization. However, OM is making it easy with their Giving Catalog.

“Well, we’re real excited this year. We feel like we have a lot of opportunities through our giving catalog. Lots of different opportunities for anybody that is interested in supporting the kind of work that we do,” OM’s Kevin Mount explains.

“There is anything from setting young girls free to providing a goat or a sewing machine, helping replace even chickens that were lost in the recent hurricanes in Haiti, [or] giving the Bible in different languages.”

OM’s Work

OM works on the ground in over 110 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, the Pacific, and in Latin America. And the gifts in OM’s Giving Catalog helps workers enter new communities and opens doors. These opportunities help provide environments for OM workers to meet practical needs, build relationships, and to share the Gospel.

(Photo Courtesy Sergé via Flickr)

(Photo Courtesy Sergé via Flickr)

Curious to how OM is able to do all of this?

Well, OM plays a part in God’s work of transforming lives by planting churches, providing education for kids, engaging cultures through the arts and entertainments, and through partnering with both entrepreneurs and business.

Find out more about OM’s work by following the ministry on Facebook or checking it out at

Will You Pray?

Still, if giving isn’t a possibility will you pray? Pray for the many families and individuals who are facing needs this holiday season as well as for the people OM serves. Also, please pray for OM’s workers as the engage with new people groups and try to share the Word of God. Finally, if you would, pray too for open hearts in those being introduced to the Gospel.

Give a gift through OM here!

Want to physically join OM’s work through short-term missions? Click here!

OR, donate to OM here! Even just $5 can help make the difference.

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