#GivingHope in the midst of ISIS

By May 17, 2016

Middle East (MNN) – In a report by BGR, ISIS recently released an app teaching children the Arabic alphabet through words describing weapons. But there’s more, the app uses jihadist terminology and militaristic vocabulary to help educate young minds, all the while normalizing the violence. Something which is anything but normal.

(Photo Courtesy PIONEERS via Facebook)

(Photo Courtesy PIONEERS via Facebook) #GivingHope

But around the same time the story about ISIS’ app came to light, PIONEERS USA launched its own crowdfunding campaign called #GivingHope. The campaign, first of its kind for PIONEERS, aims at helping provide aid both physically and spiritually for Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Nathan Burns with PIONEERS explains, “So this giving hope push, this campaign, specifically helps provide trauma counseling to women and children. So that, now that they’ve got aid, let’s help them recover emotionally from those scars they have.”

About 50 percent of the Syrian population has been displaced. And about 75 percent of these refugees are women and children. These people have watched their countries, their homes, and their families be ripped apart right before their eyes. Some families have had to worry for the safety of their own children, fearful extremists or others might come for them.

“Another woman shared with me an event that was already tragic. There was a funeral for a little boy and then someone blew up a car bomb in the middle of that. She witnessed that,” Burns shares.

That’s only one traumatic story out of the thousands. What’s worse, people like this woman have no one to talk to about their experiences. No one to listen or help them work through what they’ve seen. No one to help process the unspeakable horrors which brought great darkness into these peoples’ lives.

Some of the things people have witnessed, you know, you wouldn’t be surprised if they never recovered from it,” Burns says.

But through Christ, they can recover. As PIONEERS workers build long-term relationships and provide aid and trauma counseling for these victims of war, they’re also knocking on doors to share the Gospel. And it’s through the hope of Christ where ultimate healing and love is found.

PNS_love moves refugee kids

(Photo courtesy PIONEERS)

Also, because the Muslim culture is very hospitable, the culture itself works as a catalyst to jumpstarting relationships and opening doors for the Gospel to enter.

Ironically, combine this with the move from their homelands, where the Gospel has been barred from entering, it’s become a tragically perfect storm for God’s word to enter lives. But to keep doing this, PIONEERS needs the support of others.

Will you help?

If you’re willing, please considering donating to PIONEERS’ #GivingHope campaign. PIONEERS’ goal is to raise enough money to impact 200 refugee families by providing for their physical and spiritual needs. Through this, PIONEERS is being the hands and feet of Jesus and helping refugees begin to rebuild their lives and find a new normal.

But, prayers are greatly coveted for this project. Pray God would use this ministry to glorify His name, bring these people to himself, show them His incredible love, and heal their brokenness. Pray also for the workers who are on the frontlines working to care for refugees.

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