Global Action prepares to supply several waves of relief to Haiti

By January 29, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — It's been two and a half weeks since Port-au-Prince was devastated by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake, and small steps are being made toward recovery.

Global Action is on the ground, hoping to give Haitians a lift toward shelter and away from diseases thriving on the destruction.

Lars Dunberg, founder of Global Action, said, "We've concentrated working as much as possible with orphan kids, providing platforms where we can get people off the ground, and then build temporary shelter on that with bunk beds, tables and chairs, and food, water and medical counseling."

With these platforms, Global Action has no set goal for how many they want to build, but as many as funds will allow.

After this first wave, Dunberg said they are already gearing up to send containers of medical supplies and equipment as soon as the supplies are ready and able to be shipped to Haiti.

Dunberg said he heard someone say, "They needed that medical equipment before the earthquake, let alone after the earthquake."

To ship one container costs $20,000. However, the supplies contained within it have a value of up to $220,000. Dunberg said they hope to send the first shipment in the next few days.

In an area where terror for one's life reigns and the future looks bleak, Global Action hopes their aid will shed some light.

"If you don't give people help, there's no chance to give them hope," said Dunberg. As they administer relief, Global Action believes the Haitians will see God's love shine through their actions.

Instead of letting the horror of the situation overwhelming you, Dunberg said, "People can always be praying for every individual. The people we are trying to help are not numbers, they're people."

Join the relief effort in some way today. If you would like to partner with Global Action, visit

Also, Global Action still needs aid for their other ministries to continue sharing the Gospel worldwide. Visit their Web site to give to these ministries as well.

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