Global Action trains pastors worldwide

By September 15, 2009

International (MNN) — With 44,000 new churches starting
every year but only an average of 5,000 pastors obtaining formal training, odds
are stacked against fulfillment of the Great Commission to "make disciples
of all nations." Global Action developed a training program to better the

"This is the only really systematic program that has
become worldwide because we do this in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Ukraine, El
Salvador and Honduras," states Global Action's Lars Dunberg.

Worldwide, only 62% of pastors have formal training.

"Most pastors of village churches work…and then they pastor on
the side," he explains. "So they couldn't take even a month

After accepting Christ, many pastors shared the Gospel with
a small group, which soon grew into a church.

"They knew nothing!" exclaimed Dunberg. "And
if it wasn't for this training, they would not have an earthly chance to
continue to develop these people."

Global Action birthed Global Module Studies in 2001 as a
solution to the worldwide lack of pastoral training. Since then, they graduated
over 3,500 pastors, who have in turn trained 12,000.

"They go out, they plant churches, they train five
others who in turn plant churches, who in turn train others who plant churches.
It is just remarkable to see the impact."

The program spans 10 months, in which village pastors are
introduced to an in-depth study of biblical history and church operations. Topics
such as biblical interpretation, how to run a church, evangelism and church
history are covered by the program. But most remarkable effects of the program
occur after it's completed.

"These stories that come out," Duneberg says,
"not so much of the training part, but what happens afterwards, it's
actually like reading an extra book of Acts."

One pastor who completed the program planted a church in a
heavily-persecuted area of Orissa that soon grew to 500 attendees. Extremists
targeted the church and attempted to shed more Christian blood. 

"They could not get there because of the white soldiers
protecting these people," Dunberg said. "Well, there were no other
white soldiers than the angels of God."

Dumbfounded, radicals asked the medicine-man how to kill
these believers, and he stated, "You can try, but you will not succeed." The
next night, attackers returned in three groups to finish the deed.

"In the morning, they found that these three groups had
been killing each other in the darkness in confusion, and the Christians were
spared. These are the kinds of stories that we hear over and over again."

Dunberg asks that you pray earnestly for these believers as
they complete pastoral training.

"Pray for these people, because they are the front
lines of ministry," he states, "more than we could ever

By partnering with Global Action, your church could contribute
to the training of pastors worldwide. Click
here to learn more


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