Ministries work together to help persecuted Christians

By December 31, 2014
Global Advance works to support and encourage leaders in many arenas (Photo courtesy of Global Advance's Facebook)

Global Advance works to support and encourage leaders in many arenas. (Photo courtesy of Global Advance’s Facebook)

International (MNN) — A clear picture of how Christians can work together is when mission organizations partner to accomplish a task.

Near the beginning of 2014, Global Advance merged with Alpha Relief, a group they’d been partnering with on many occasions.

David Shibley of Global Advance says, “Alpha Relief is a ministry headquartered in Colorado Springs that was raised up a few years ago to specifically meet the needs of persecuted believers around the world.”

In fact, Alpha Relief was started in 2000 to answer a call to serve Christians around the world and, in turn, to aid their efforts to share the Gospel. They provide spiritual and physical support and supplies.

Alpha Relief is now an arm of Global Advance. The merge fits well into Global Advance’s goals to equip and motivate Christian leaders in various arenas all around the world. Alpha Relief has an existing network on the ground that can assess the needs from a close vantage point.

Shibley gives a recent example of how they are able to help persecuted Christians: “We were able to get financial assistance and a secure passage for a woman whose family was brutally murdered by militants.”

The woman, a nurse, was at work when the attack took place.

Shibley continues, “She is now experiencing the loss of her family, and of course, her family is now taking a very dramatic turn. But she knows that there are those who care for her, and we were able to get assistance to her.”

Image courtesy of Global Advance via Facebook.

(Image courtesy of Global Advance via Facebook)

These are the types of situations that Alpha Relief is able to get involved in and consequently support hurting Christians in effective ways.

“We need to pray for them, and they need to know that we are praying for them. They also need to know that we’re undergirding them in every way we possibly can,” says Shibley.

Through their work, Global Advance is able to assure Christians putting their lives on the line that people like you are praying for them and are supporting them through your gifts.

If you’d like to support Global Advance and their work with Alpha Relief, you can find the support page here.


  • Billie Wales says:

    I’m encouraging my church to try to bring a Christian family who have been displaced by ISIS over to the US. We cannot help support you at present,but I would appreciate any information you could give help such a family. In Jesus, Billie Wales

  • Billie Wales says:

    See my comment above. I am interested in my church bringing a Christian family displaced by ISIS over to the US. Can you help me?

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