Global Advance expands its work in Ghana

By May 13, 2013

Ghana (MNN) — Business training is opening doors for the Gospel in Ghana.

Global Advance has been helping train local business leaders through Marketplace Missions initiatives, a conduit for U.S. business leaders to invest their skills, knowledge, and experience in the lives of Ghanaian entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

Last fall, believers in Ghana opened a self-sustaining Savings and Loan bank using the knowledge they gained from Global Advance.

Pastor Alfred of House of Faith Ministries, along with Pastor Ernest, has been instrumental in opening doors of opportunity in Ghana. The pastors plan to keep developing business leaders through annual trips and ongoing projects, but they have also expressed a desire to do more.

In recent days, House of Faith Ministries asked Global Advance to come alongside their vision for mobilizing fellow believers. The new partnership began with a Frontline Shepherds Conference held in late April.

Over 300 pastors, pastors' wives, and church leaders came together in the central city of Kumasi for three days of training, encouragement, and prayer. Global Advance surveyed the audience and found about 40% had "lost their passion and zeal for ministry."

But through a time of prayer and encouragement, and through God's amazing grace, these tired leaders committed to stay the course. Then Global Advance challenged these leaders to go beyond re-commitment.

Specifically, leaders were challenged to plant at least one new church within the next 12 months. Over 60 leaders stood in response, taking up a commitment to spread the Gospel even further in Ghana.

A final call-to-action was for those who felt called to cross-cultural missions. Ghana is surrounded by nations that are predominately Muslim, but Ghanaians historically have only shared the Gospel with their own people.

Global Advance is praying that God will burden the hearts of local leaders for all who are lost, including their neighbors. Will you join them?

Pray that the Gospel will spread to Ghana and beyond as believers are mobilized.

In a continual discussion with their partners in Ghana, Global Advance is already planning ahead. Right now, talking points include the locations of future training events and the mobilization of church planters for evangelism in unreached areas.

To learn more about the work of Global Advance and how you can get involved, click here.

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