Global Advancements in resourcing

By February 19, 2009

International (MNN) — Pending anti-conversion laws and other religious hostilities in some countries will prove ineffective in keeping out the impact of at least one ministry.

President of Global Advance David Shibley says the ministry has already been handing out resources to international pastors through their Frontline Shepherds Conferences. After noticing how few materials many of these pastors had to work with, the ministry decided to step forward.

"It's very important for us that pastors who attend Global Advance's Shepherds Frontline Conferences go away not only with a vision in their hearts, but with tools in their hands," says Shibley. "Our role is not merely to inspire and give instruction in person, but to leave something behind."

Materials left include DVDs, Bible training literature and "Life Books," which contain a full year, 52-week guide to ministry effectiveness, church planting and increased evangelism. Global Advance distributes materials in some thirty different languages to assist pastors in multiple regions.

The impact of these resources has been great. But they will be especially useful if Global Advance can no longer serve in a country due to law or other circumstance. This type of resourcing allows ministry to grow on its own.

"Obviously, books remain if we in the West cannot go for a season into some volatile areas," points out Shibley. "Also, we attempt, whenever possible, to have our materials printed within the nation, though they are translated by different training." By printing materials within a nation, work can continue even in the absence of Global Advance. The ministry has also created an internet training program for pastors, again allowing them access without stepping foot on the country's soil.

Resourcing will be crucial in areas where anti-conversion laws or other restrictions on religious freedom pose threats.

Shibley asks that you pray that funding for the ministry would continue to come in so thousands more pastors can be given materials to reach hundreds of thousands of people. If you can help Global Advance to put training literature into more languages and place more tools in the hands of pastors worldwide, click here.

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