Global Aid Network responds to triple natural disaster

By June 17, 2010

Guatemala (MNN) — On May 27, the Pacaya volcano erupted in
Guatemala in tandem with reported rumblings of an earthquake. The next day, Tropical Storm Agatha racked the country with
torrential rains and blistering winds, killing some 160 people.

With triple natural disasters striking within a day of each
other, Guatemala was left reeling, with over 112,000 people evacuated and nearly
29,000 now living in temporary shelters. More than 100,000 homes lie in ruin. In addition,
from ensuing floods, a 330-foot deep sinkhole formed on a city block in
Guatemala City.

Since then, Guatemala's president Alvaro Colom said the cost
of repairs may be as much as one billion dollars for storm repairs alone. However,
to receive needed funds from international donors, Guatemala must show "that it
is making every effort to raise revenues through taxes," according to Reuters.

Global Aid Network supplied aid last year when famine and
drought crippled the country. Because of their established connections, Steven Watson of GAiN USA said they were able to spring into action immediately with the help of their ministry partners: "We
already had food and clothing on the ground. So, on Monday morning, we heard
from our partners–they were already distributing food, and they needed

With the food already on the ground, GAiN USA and their
partners distributed 120,000 meals. They just recently shipped two more containers of
food into the country, which means 40,000 more meals are on the way.

One partner expressed his gratitude in an e-mail: "The food and the clothing have been such a blessing
[because] we could respond immediately; the people are so grateful that
we are there. The government is doing all they can, but they can't do enough,"
Watson said. Of the communities GAiN USA aided, the government was unaware that
some even needed help, he added.

Satisfying hunger is not GAiN USA's only concern: "For us
to come in and show them that they're not forgotten [is] very important," said Watson. Most importantly, they want to show Guatemalans that God has not
forgotten them either, sharing with them His Son's sacrifice and the redemptive
life He offers.

Join GAiN USA in their relief effort in Guatemala by clicking
. People are still in constant need of meals and support to get back
on their feet.

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