Global church called to help Syrian refugees

By November 2, 2015
Courtesy Photo of VOM Canada

(Photo courtesy of VOM Canada)

Syria (MNN) — While many Syrian refugees are fleeing to Europe, those without resources have no choice but to stay put, facing instability and violence.

Those who can leave their homes in Syria are flooding refugee camps. Over four million people have fled to neighboring countries.

Many of the refugee camps pose dangers for Christians and other religious minorities. They are vulnerable to harsh elements, sexual abuse, and Islamic brutality.

Many Christians are looking for refuge in churches, monasteries, schools, and other buildings. Local churches wanting to help aren’t equipped for this monumental task.

Voice of the Martyrs Canada is urging Christians everywhere, the global church, to aid their brothers and sisters in Christ. Their Relief and Development Fund assists Christians in restricted nations–before, during and after persecution–by providing relief aid to desperately poor families, job training, refugee assistance, and other practical means of encouragement. 

Even in bleak times, believers in the Middle East have not lost hope. Many still look toward the day when peace will prevail, when they can worship God freely without living in fear.

So, help if you can, and please be praying for God’s intervention in the Middle East.

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