Global Church empowerment, a new focus

By June 14, 2018

International (MNN) — Today, 70 percent of the Church is in what’s been historically called the Global South, says Operation Mobilization’s Geoff Peters. And this information is shifting the concept of missions.

Shifting Missions

(Photo courtesy of Operation Mobilization)

“One of the massive transitions that we need to make, not just inside Operation Mobilization, but really many mission agencies need to be looking down this direction, is how do we mobilize more and more people from those places where the global Church is,” Peters shares.

That’s why OM is putting their current resources into languages for churches around the world. This includes languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Mandarin, and French. Putting resources into these languages can make them available for a significant part of the Church population across the world.

Resourcing the Global Church

However, the biggest challenge is how the Western Church’s role is changing when it comes to living out Christ’s witness globally.

“The primary focus, the tip of the spear as we say, are those same culture or near culture believers who can move just within their own village or just one village over and really begin to form a new community of Christ followers in those places. Because they themselves are not so foreign, they’re not so completely seen with an outsider’s lens,” Peters explains.

“But we of course from the West have many tools that we can bring to train, and equip, and to help.”

(Photo/Caption courtesy of Operation Mobilization)
A small local church in South Asia gathers together in someone’s home for a time of prayer and teaching.

There’s quite an advantage to coming alongside Christians outside of the West. For one, these Christians don’t need visas and don’t have to learn a new language to be a missionary. They can move more easily in their countries, sharing Christ through the ways they live and love.

Furthermore, there may come a time where non-nationals are unable to access certain countries. Then, the local Church has to know how to live out their testimonies on their own. They just need the resources to do so, and that’s where OM is helping.

Already Called

“I think the most important thing to remember is that each and every person who says yes, they’re a Christian, that in and of itself is the first step into missions. There is no second call, there is no next step you’re waiting for. When you said, ‘Yes, I’m in,’ that was your voice to Christ to say, ‘Yes, I’m in,’” Peters explains.

“And so when we are going to equip same and near culture believers, the minute that they say, ‘Yes, I’m a disciple of Christ,’ we then need to develop systems and models that can mobilize those very people to go out and do the work of building a mission, building the Kingdom.”

So please, pray for OM as it focuses on seeing communities worldwide build up Christ followers. The ministry is going through a massive transformation where they are taking over 3,000 workers in more than 118 countries and shaping a new focus of building up Christ followers. Also, ask God to clearly lead OM and to make this a smooth missions transition.

Learn more about OM’s work and how to get involved here!

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