Global climate affects response to ministry

By January 31, 2008

USA (MNN) — Bible Pathway Ministries had a great response to their January publication. It is a monthly devotional that encourages people to get directly into God's Word.

Al Joslyn of Bible Pathway believes the uncertain global climate is the root of the response to the devotional. "Anything from energy, to the war that's going on, and the problems in the world, I think that we are globally shrinking, and this is evidenced by how much we are able to see and hear that's going on in the rest of the world."

The more we know, Joslyn reminds us, the more responsibility we have. "In the Christian community, especially, I think it's important that people recognize what is going on and how the Word of God relates to every issue that is in humanity," said Joslyn.

Getting directly into the Word will help Christians understand how to relate to the problems not
only that the world faces, but also "how we can effectively work to bring God's
transformation to it.  God's Word transforms people, and people transformed means a transformed world."

Joslyn said they are praising God for the January response. He also encourages people to get started on their walk through the entire Bible.

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