Global collaborative efforts means maximum impact

By July 14, 2010

International (MNN) — "Two are better than one because
they have a good return for their work" (Ecclesiastes 4:9). Or in this
case, seven are better than one.

Back in the late nineties, several relief and development,
Christian non-governmental organizations were operating independent of one
another. Realizing they were all doing similar work and if they worked together
they could maximize their impact, they came together to form the Global Aid
, the relief and development arm of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Over a decade later, "Together in seven different
locations, we're able to geographically reach the world," said Duane Zook,
president of GAiN USA. These seven locations are in the U.S., Canada, Korea,
Australia, Holland, Germany and Austria.

At each branch, there are teams with an area of expertise.
For example, the Canada office has experts skilled in drilling deep water wells.
Germany has a strong logistic network, and in Australia, they have an extensive
medical team.

These specialties help teams be precise and great at what
they do, but that's not all. Zook said if one branch alone was trying to do the
work they do, they would only be able to impact 15 to 20 countries. However,
through their combined efforts, "We are working in about 50 different
nations, and it's not only to help provide relief, but we also are looking at
development. We provide food, of course; we provide clothing; we provide water,"
he said.

But providing for their physical needs is just the
beginning, as they value people's souls above all else: "People can be
well fed, they can have clothes on their back, they can have the right medicine;
but unless they have that personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ …
they will, number one, not experience the abundant life Christ wants them to
have here on earth. And number two, without that personal relationship, in
eternity they would be separated from God our loving Father," Zook said.

With Christ at the center of all their work, they realize
more than anything that all they do is only possible through Him. Therefore,
Zook asks for constant prayer for their ministry.

"The biggest prayer need would be the need for
volunteers to, number one, pray for the efforts, the churches, and believers in
these countries. Also, [pray for] volunteers to go to these countries to help work
alongside the nationals. And, of course, as we send aid in, pray that God would
unleash the finances necessary to come alongside and support the churches and
Campus Crusade on the ground," Zook said.

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