Global Disciples partners with churches to reach Latin America

By July 7, 2020

Ecuador (MNN) — Global Disciples‘ Ministry in Latin America has seen a huge growth in the past few years.

Today, Global Disciples has 93 programs training local churches to reach people for Christ, in partnership with 17 church clusters in Latin America. Ernesto Cardenas, based in Ecuador, is now the coordinator for the ministry in Latin America.  

What does this ministry look like? Cardenas compares it to a parable in Luke 15. “A woman who had several silver coins lost one. Then she turned on the light and the lamp [to look]. It looks like that. People are hungry for more. But in this case, she only had one coin. So, people are looking for the ninety-nine.”

Photo courtesy of Global Disciples on Facebook.

Global Disciples has a vision to reach these “ninety-nine” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Cardenas says this often involves planting churches in areas where Christ has little witness. He says, “That’s the important thing. With the resources that they have finding creative ways to reach out for others.”

How to get involved

One way Christians can get involved is to spread the word about what Global Disciples is doing in Latin America. Cardenas says the organization is developing a solid network of churches to partner with in Latin America and also in Africa and Asia. “In that way, we are finding good partners that are joining us to so we can keep growing and keep promoting discipleship and mission-based programs centered on Jesus.”

COVID-19 has affected this ministry, of course. Many countries have seen massive case counts, especially Brazil. Right now, Global Disciples workers in Latin America find their travel restricted. But Cardenas says, “The ministry is continuing. The ministry is going on in Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Central America. We have people right there on the ground knocking on doors and praying with people.”

Pray for this ministry, especially in the middle of the pandemic. People are suffering, Cardenas says, both from sickness and the economic consequences of lockdown. “We have directors, key leaders, who are in the midst of areas that are strongly infected. They have been infected. They have been suffering bad, but they are fixing their eyes on Jesus.”

Pray that the Church in Latin America will image Christ in how they help those who are suffering and provide the hope of the Gospel.



The header image is courtesy of Global Disciples on Facebook.

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