Global Disciples team writes new book on discipleship

By October 22, 2021

Ethiopia (MNN) — Global Disciples has seen an amazing work of God’s Spirit in Ethiopia and many other countries around the world. CEO Galen Burkholder developed a cross-cultural discipleship training program with Brother Tefera, an Ethiopian-born Christian leader. In a new book, they answer the question: why don’t we often see these kinds of results in North America?

Tefera says, “Really the issue is intimacy with Jesus. He is the vine, and we are the branches. Without Him, we can do nothing.”

With this relationship, Christians have the power to bring healing to their communities and relationships. The book tells stories from around the world about ordinary people doing incredible things due to their attachment to Jesus. Tefera says, “God restores many broken relationships, family relationships, and communities. This is happening. God is doing something new in those places.”


Brother Tefera and Burkholder have worked together for about 15 years. Tefera has twice been sent to prison for his faith in Jesus.

He describes recent discipleship work in Ethiopia. “We prayed with them. We fasted with them. And we slept with them when they tried to put us up someplace since we were teachers and instructors. We said, ‘No, we are the same as you. Let’s sit together, eat together, talk together, laugh together, have fun together.’ It is life on life. That is really the key point.”

Jesus ate and spent time with everyone, regardless of class or status. But money and societal status sometimes kept people away from Him. Living in the richest region on the planet, North Americans need to keep this in mind. Tefera says, “As North Americans (as a person who lived here for 14 years), are we willing to go out of our comfort zone, out of our class?”

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