Global networking through business to spread the Gospel

By January 27, 2010

India (MNN) — Ministry in business is becoming more and more popular thanks to Marketplace Missions initiatives.

Several years ago, Global Advance began their Marketplace Missions conferences "to train thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals throughout the developing world," according to their Web site. Since then, they have held numerous conferences throughout the world, equipping Christian business leaders worldwide not onlyto succeed in business, but also to share Christ's love with their colleagues and customers.

Global Advance just held their latest conference Jan. 14-16 in Mumbai, India.

Jonathan Shibley of Global Advance said, "We had the opportunity to gather about 200 Indian Christian business owners and entrepreneurs. We spent several days pouring into them vision for the marketplace and how God wants to use them in the context of their business to extend and expand His kingdom."

During the conference, they also had the chance to visit Christian business owners in the area and hear their success stories.

One such individual was a textile manufacturer who was barely able to scrape up enough money to buy his first sewing machine. Now, he employs hundreds of people, and his business has not only provided jobs, but also funds for the local Church, Shibley said.

In India and around the world, Global Advance hopes to empower hundreds of thousands of individuals, just like this man, who are willing to place every aspect of their lives in God's hands.

However, Shibley said he realizes it can be tough in today's global economic crisis to rely fully on God. He said Christians need to remember and encourage other believers that "God's economy is not man's, and the things that He births, He is going to fund."

An after-effect of the conference is an effort to establish Kingdom Business Networks in India. So far, Global Advance has launched 15 worldwide. But their vision is much larger.

"We hope one day to see hundreds, if not thousands, of these networks emerge around the world where believers and commerce really link together," Shibley said. These networks will not only connect businesses within countries but eventually globally. With every export or import, the Gospel will be spread, and with additional funds raised, businesses will expand to touch even more areas of the globe.

For now, Marketplace Missions is focusing on upcoming conferences in Sierre Leone and Nicaragua. Also, in mid-April they will be holding an African Summit, which will discuss what Kingdom Business looks like throughout the entire continent.

Pray for these Christian business leaders around the globe. Pray for them as they encounter corruption in business. Help them to realize God is with them and for them. Also, pray for current leaders and more to step up and realize that now is the time for them to make an impact.

Check out Global Advance's Web site to learn more.

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