Global Outreach Day is Saturday

By May 29, 2015


International (MNN/JFP) — Did you know that last year, more than 2 million people shared their faith worldwide–on the same day? According to The JESUS Film Project, it’s happening again this Saturday, May 30, on a much greater scale in the world’s largest outreach day ever. Will you be a part of it?

It’s called Global Outreach Day. One day, one world, one message. This year, more than 15 million Christians around the world are expected to share the Gospel with at least one person this Saturday.

So many people still haven’t had the opportunity to hear the good news of Christ. They’re waiting to experience the saving love of Jesus. They are waiting to hear from people like you.

Especially for this day, Jesus Film Media™ has prepared seven pre-selected video clips from the JESUS film and other short films. They make sharing the gospel easy. You can find the clips on the app through your smartphone or tablet at and at through the links below. Also, with 1,275 language versions of JESUS in the palm of your hand, you can connect with almost anybody from any country. Give your family, friends, and others the gospel in the language they best understand.

Pray and ask the Lord who you might reach out to. Will it be your neighbor, a classmate, or your local barista? It starts with sharing the message of hope with one person. Then see who else the Holy Spirit puts on your heart, even beyond Saturday.

Download the free Jesus Film Media™ app today. Discover how God can use you to change someone’s life for eternity. Click here to learn how.

On any given day, a YouTube video can make us laugh, cry, or both. When we’re captivated by what we see, we want to share it immediately.

There are 7 short films immediately at your fingertips when you use the Jesus Film Media™ app. You can also click on the links below to help you share your story and introduce the good news of hope to those waiting to hear.

1. Ctrl-Z (5 mins)
This short film starring Tony Hale of “Arrested Development” entertains with the possibility of undoing life’s regrets with a keystroke.

2. Rain (5 mins)
A daughter places a desperate phone call to her parents in the dead of night.

3. #FallingPlates (4 mins)
With brokenness all around us, there is One who redeems our brokenness.

4. Jesus Calms the Storm (2 mins)
There is peace that can be found in the midst of life’s storms. This 2-minute scene comes from the JESUS film.

5. Parable of the Good Samaritan (2 mins)
Jesus’ example of sacrificial love breaks through the norms of His day and ours.

6. Jesus’ Triumphal Entry (1 min)
Everyone likes a party, right? When Jesus comes to town, we are confronted with how we will respond.

7. Invitation to Know Jesus Personally (6 min)
Sometimes it’s just this simple. When you need to share how someone can begin a relationship with the One who alters our story, it’s nice to have a closer that’s available in nearly 1,300 languages.

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