Global Witnessing Challenge creates modern day Pauls

By November 16, 2009

International (MNN) — Do you enjoy following the television show "The Amazing Race?" Have you ever wanted to travel the globe like that?

Now you can, while at the same time evangelizing individuals in search of Christ.

It was launched earlier this month by its founder and designer, Andre Illemann of New Zealand.
Illemann said the original idea came to him unexpectedly about five months ago.

Also called "The Challenge," the initiative "involves Christians traveling the world in teams of two, with whatever means and resources are available to them, to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel," according to Assist News.

Illemann said, "One of the main purposes of 'The Challenge' is to fire up 'ordinary' Christians to become extraordinary ambassadors for Christ, providing them with the vehicle … to travel the globe, and put to good use the talents and the faith they have been blessed with."

The first expedition will begin in April 2010 and last for five months until August.

Those interested in participating will be responsible to find sponsors to raise funds for the trip and provide for their expenses, ANS said.

Then teams will disperse across the globe on every continent. Teams will visit a minimum of 10 countries in their area of witness.

"Lord willing, I hope it will become a sought-after annual event and grow in popularity, evidenced by growing numbers of participating teams and passionate followers," Illemann said.

As teams travel, they will track their progress and provide updates through blogs and video clips.

According to "The Challenge" news release on their website, "‘The Challenge' will undoubtedly present the greatest physical, spiritual, mental and emotional tests most participants will ever have experienced."

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