Go Christmas shopping for a child in the former Soviet Union!

By September 29, 2023

FSU (MNN) — Some people cringe at the thought of hearing Christmas music before October. However, Eric Mock says his team at Slavic Gospel Association has been looking forward to their annual Christmas outreach since July.

“We think we’ll [help] churches reach more than 75,000 kids this year!” says Mock.

Through the Immanuel’s Child program, SGA and partnering churches bring the hope of Christ to kids in Russia and the surrounding countries at Christmastime (also known as the former Soviet Union).

(Photo courtesy of SGA)

Mock says, “We talk about gifts; we talk about everything else. But if we’re not proclaiming the Gospel, it is not Christmas.”

For just $25, each kid getting an Immanuel’s Child gift will receive:

  • A Star of Bethlehem ornament
  • Christian children’s literature
  • A special gift from local church workers

The program’s reach also extends beyond the Christmas season. “There are many Christian organizations wanting to do outreach during Christmas, that’s fantastic. But the work of the Church never stops at Christmas. Immanuel’s Child is equipping the Church for year-round discipleship.”

Through Immanuel’s Child, church partners receive the resources they need for year-round children’s ministry.

“We’re providing them with a Bible as well as Sunday school materials. They (SGA-partnering churches) take about $1 out of every one of the gifts [to] purchase chocolates during Easter, and they try to reach them (kids) during Easter.”

Help SGA reach entire families for Jesus this Christmas! Give here to Immanuel’s Child.

Children receive Bibles like this one in each Christmas gift. (Photo courtesy of SGA)

“About 20 percent of the parents come to faith in Christ during this outreach or get involved with the church and come to faith later. The structure of the program is amazing; I really invite your listeners to be a part of this.”









Header photo courtesy of SGA.