Goal: 100,000 Talking Bibles in India by 2010

By November 15, 2005

India (MNN) — 3,000 Talking Bibles in 18 different languages have already been distributed in the last 2 1/2 years in India, but that number will grow exponentially in the next five years. That’s the desire of Talking Bible’s India Country Director Baskara Chandran.

Talking Bibles are machines with God’s word recorded on them for those who can’t read. Chandran says, “60-percent of the population are illiterate in India. Once they go to the churches they listen to the pastors. For the next six days they don’t have any chance to listen to God’s word. If they have (a Talking Bible) with them, every day, any time they can listen to God’s word.”

However, Chandran says 18 languages aren’t enough. “We want to record more languages because India has many language groups. Right now we have only 18 langauges, 15 major languages and three tribal languages. We need to reach all of India with God’s word. We need to record at least 50 more languages.”

It costs about $2,700 to translate God word into a Talking Bible. Chandran says funding will also be needed to purchase Talking Bibles for the Indian people because many are too poor to afford one.

He says this type of outreach is very effective evangelistically. “When they hear the word of God over and over they want to follow what the Bible says. Many people’s lives are changed and they accept Jesus as their personal Savior.”

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