Goal: 30 percent more books for pastors

By December 29, 2010

International (MNN) — For 2011, Christian Resources International has set a goal to ship 30 percent more Bibles and Christian literature than last year to pastors and Christians around the world.

“I would love to get the additional 30 percent,” said CRI’s Jason Woolford. “We’re talking about sending out 10 sea containers at a minimum this year, and those are anywhere from
20-foot to 40-foot containers. That’s about 30,000 books per container.”

To increase its shipments by 30 percent, CRI needs more book donations. Pastors overseas especially need Bibles, concordances, and commentaries.

“As you look at pastors and missionaries across the world…one of their biggest needs is Bibles and concordances and commentaries. Basically, the things that preachers would
need are in high demand and something that we’re low on,” Woolford explained.

Christians overseas don’t need the books to be brand-new. They just need books that they can read and use for preaching, teaching, and studying. Also, many people in the English-speaking world have shelves full of books that they don’t use much anymore. These books can be useful for the church in other parts of the world!

“If you look at our map of the world, in almost every place that we can possibly go, their second language is English,” Woolford said. CRI accepts books published by members of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. CRI keeps a list of the kinds of books needed here.

CRI is planning to ship four containers of literature over the next couple of month: two containers to India, one to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and one to Liberia. Donors may ship books by media mail to Christian Resources International, P.O. Box 356, Fowlerville, MI 48836; or drop the books off at 200 Free Street, Fowlerville, MI 48836.

In addition to books, CRI also needs help covering the costs of shipping the containers. If every book comes with a dollar donation, then the costs should be covered.

“We’ve basically broken it down to a Bible and a buck,” Woolford explained. “If someone sends a Bible and a dollar along with it, that ensures that not only will we have the Bible here,
but we can get it into the hands of those pastors that are in need.”


  • Joseph says:

    Do you still need Christian book donations? Your website here is four years old and I would like an update on your ministry’s request and current needs. Thank You

  • Greg Yoder says:

    THIS story may be four years old and is a part of our archives, but our website is updated daily with new stories. The answer to your question is, yes. Christian Resources International can always use more book donations. You can get additional information by click on the information links up and to the right.

  • Agbo bright says:

    pls God bless you for this wonderful offering to me thank you

  • David Kirera says:

    Please guide me on how to get these materials for my church and the community around. Thank you

    God bless you

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