Goal to resource country of Belize

By February 13, 2017

Belize (MNN) – Mission organizations often set up large goals for the future that would be impossible apart from a miracle. The latest goal set by Christian Resources International is one such goal and it is exciting!

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

CRI focuses on providing Bibles and Christian resources for under-resourced people around the world. These resources, donated from Christians who are not using them, are given for free. Last week, we spoke about how you can support mission efforts from afar. Today, we wanted to share an example of what your support could mean.

So what is this goal? Jason Woolford of CRI tells us they want to provide the entire country of Belize with a Bible or Christian book by November. That’s right. The entire country.

“We’ll be able to reach the entire country of Belize with a Bible or a Christian book for $75,000. So, when you look at the impact of giving away nearly three million dollars worth of free Bibles and Christian books, that number becomes real small knowing that that entire country will have the access to the Word of God.”

Most of the country professes to be Christian, with 19.06% being evangelical. That number comes from the Joshua Project.

However, according to the CIA World Factbook, 41% of the population is under the poverty line. Things like Bibles and Christian books aren’t always readily available. That’s why CRI wants to provide these resources so access won’t be a problem.

CRI is hoping to deliver these books when they take a team over in November. During the trip, they will also provide medical care and share testimonies about the power of God’s Word.

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

Woolford says, “Right now we can reach about half of the country on our own strength with Bibles and Christian books. But then, I always believe we need to make room for the Lord, right? Because if Christian Resources International, Jason Woolford, and the supporters can give half of the country Bibles and Christian books, we’re trusting and believing in the Lord who says you’ll do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we think or ask. So, I know we can get there.”

Also around the same time of the trip, CRI is hoping to send several sea containers to Hong Kong, Africa, and India.

Woolford says Scripture is so important because the truths found there don’t depend on our earthly circumstances.

“While things don’t always go the way that we want them, we at least have the Word of God. We have a Christian book that can encourage us or remind us the fight that we need to fight while we’re in the battle.”

There are a few ways you can help. One, consider taking a team of individuals to CRI’s headquarters to pack the sea containers. Find out about that here.

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International).

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International).

Two, consider giving any books you have that you’re not reading. For Belize in particular, more Spanish Bibles are needed.

You can also support the work financially. Find out about the giving options here.

And finally, pray.

“The devil hates what we’re doing. We’re sending the Word of God that doesn’t return void, as God says in Matthew 4:4 that “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

Woolford also asks you to pray for the people of Belize to hear and obey God’s word. Please pray for the team and for the safe arrival of materials.

To learn more about the trip, contact CRI here.


  • Pat Rosene says:

    I will be closing my Christian Book store in April. I’m in Casper Wyo and would drive books to Denver if you have a location in Colo.

    Thank you

  • Greetings in the mighty name of our lord Jesus christ I could like to recieve form you the spiritual food support as GOd provides

  • Dear Jason: Praise God for your witness and success in sending
    Christian books to so many countries. I attend Santa Barbara
    Community Church and have someone in the congregation to pay for
    the shipment of Christian books to the Philippines. We use LBC for
    shipments. Luzon Brokerage Company. We can ship 100 lbs of books
    for $70 and for the last 5 years have shipped 25-30 boxes. During
    2011 we shipped 35 boxes to a school that had been destroyed by
    the Typhoon and they had lost the entire library. Thank you for your
    perserverance in sending books around the world. You are helping
    many people to come to the Lord and to study His word and walk in
    a way that would please HIM. Thank you, Thank you.

    Love, Betty Sullins

  • Another way people can help is to come to Belize and help distribute the Bible and literature! WE can help with that ! Would love to work with y’all on distribution and bringing teams to do so as well sharing the gospel while in country! http://www.belizebasecamp.net

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